Directional Drilling Responsibilities


The following table lists the responsibilities for the implementation, execution, and quality control of directional drilling and surveying activities:



Quality Control

Specification of target


Asset Team Leader

Preparation of well plan (including kick off point and surface location /jacket/slot)

Directional Contractor
Drilling Contractor
Operations Engineer

Operations Engineer

Equipment selection

Drilling Supervisor
Operations Engineer Directional Contractor

Senior Operations Engineer

Call out of contractor supplied equipment

Drilling Supervisor   Directional Contractor

Operations Engineer

Monitor well trajectory

Drilling Supervisor
Directional Contractor

Operations Engineer

BHA design and bit selection

Drilling Supervisor
Directional Contractor

Operations Engineer

Wellbore surveying

Directional Contractor

Drilling Supervisor

Analysis and improvement

Drilling Supervisor
Directional Contractor

Operations Engineer


Responsibilities Drilling Superintendent

The Drilling Superintendent is responsible for:

  • approval of the Well Programme and checking conformance to programme requirements as drilling progresses
  • evaluating contractor performance and developing incentives for application to directional drilling and surveying of wells.

Responsibilities Operations Engineer

The Operations Engineer is responsible for:

  • managing the directional well design process in liaison with the Contractor to ensure optimum directional drilling and surveying programmes
  • ensuring that all data required for the effective conduct of directional drilling and surveying operations is available and accurately recorded
  • providing technical advice and input to the rig site on a daily basis as required.

Responsibilities Drilling Supervisor

The Drilling Supervisor is responsible for:

  • ensuring all relevant personnel are fully conversant with the Well Programme and Well Directional Plan and ensuring the optimised execution of same, with particular regards to directional targets
  • ensuring all necessary equipment, materials and personnel needed to carry out directional operations are available when needed and ensuring prompt return of same after operations are completed
  • reviewing the progress of the operation and regular liaison with Directional Contractor wellsite personnel, Head of Onshore/Offshore Operations and Operations Engineer to ensure optimum preparation and execution of operations
  • supervising and managing Directional Contractor personnel in the execution of directional drilling and surveying operations
  • ensuring routine QA/QC of all survey data in accordance with standard company procedures
  • checking and assessing competence of service personnel, service performance and equipment suitability and reporting same to Operations Engineer
  • ensuring all actions required by the company when drilling in close proximity to existing wells are taken and implemented prior to and during conduct of the drilling operation.

Responsibilities Directional Contractor Survey Personnel

Directional Contractor Survey Personnel are responsible for:

  • adherence to the established safe working practices of Company
  • becoming thoroughly familiar with the Survey Programme and requirements
  • ensuring all data required by Company is supplied on time to facilitate accurate survey calculations
  • fully implementing Contractor and Company QA/QC procedures with respect to the preparation, execution and reporting of survey operations
  • ensuring the rig-site survey inventory meets the programmed requirements and advising Drilling Supervisor of future requirements to ensure efficient call-out of materials and equipment
  • notifying Drilling Supervisor immediately when response of survey tools indicates possible inaccuracies in survey results
  • maintaining complete records of equipment in the hole and equipment used during drilling or surveying operations.

Responsibilities Directional Drilling Engineer

The Directional Drilling Engineer is responsible for:

  • adherence to Company policies with respect to the conduct of directional drilling and surveying operations
  • becoming thoroughly familiar with the Well Programme and the requirements relating to the directional operations contained therein
  • checking the accuracy and completeness of the prognosed well plots prior to the commencement of drilling operations
  • ensuring the rig site inventory meets the programme requirements and liaising with the Drilling Supervisor to ensure future requirements are available in good time
  • providing standard daily reports to the Drilling Supervisor comprising a summary of drilling activity, the drilling assembly in use, drilling parameters, survey data, equipment requirements, proposed BHA’s and recommendations for operations optimisation
  • directly supervising the Driller in the application of drilling parameters and practice to ensure smooth directional control over the well
  • maintaining up-to-date survey calculations and projections and working to maintain the well path within the tolerances as specified in the Drilling Programme
  • providing BHA design, supervision and maintenance expertise and ensuring that all recommended BHA designs are suitable with respect to Survey Programme requirements
  • maintaining records of drilling parameters and BHA performance during drilling operations to facilitate analysis at the well review stage
  • supervising hole opening, reaming and tripping operations to monitor hole conditions and prevent unintended sidetracking of the well
  • maintaining up-to-date records on all directional equipment on-board to ensure timely return for re-inspections, redress or over-haul.

Responsibilities Directional Drilling Contractor

The Directional Drilling Contractor shall:

  • ensure the survey database is continually updated
  • satisfy input and output deviation survey quality
  • provide definitive well path data to Operations Engineers when required.
  • The Directional Drilling Contractor reports to the Drilling Contractor who in turn is on a footage contract.


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