Milling Guidelines

To effectively remove the cuttings while milling stuck pipe, it shall be ensured that:

- the yield point of the mud is increased as high as possible prior to commencing milling, taking advice from the…

Taper Mills

Taper mills can be used for reaming out collapsed or stuck pipe such as casing and liners. They can also be used to clean up permanent whipstock windows, to mill through jagged or split guide shoes…

Pilot Mill

Pilot Mill

Pilot mills are used for milling the following equipment/ material: adapters, liners, casing, swaged casing, stuck drillpipe, wash pipe.

The procedure for milling with a pilot mill is as follows:

Junk Mill

When milling loose junk, spudding shall be periodically carried out to pound junk down to the bottom of the hole where it can be effectively milled. The following procedure shall be considerd: