Responsibilities during Fishing Operations


Responsibilities of the Company Drilling Supervisor, Specialist Contractor Engineer, Drilling Contractor Toolpusher, during fishing operations.

Company Drilling Supervisor:

  • The overall responsibility and supervision of all non-standard operations rests with the Company Drilling Supervisor.
  • He shall also ensure that fishing equipment is available on site for all non-standard equipment run in the hole.

Drilling Contractor Toolpusher:

  • The Drilling Contractor Toolpusher shall ensure that all tools and equipment that are run in the hole are callipered, drifted and checked for integrity and that fishing equipment for all items to be run in the hole are on site.

Specialist Contractor Engineer:

  • The Specialist Contractor Engineer is responsible for providing expert knowledge and guidance in the particular non-standard operation.
  • He shall also ensure that the equipment is fit for purpose to complete the selected task.



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