Fishing tools selection


The table below presents the types of fishing tools and their applications

Type of Fishing Job

Type of Fishing Tool

Names of Tools

Recovery of Tubular Fish

Connecting Tools

-External Catch

-Internal Catch






Washover Tools



Force Multiplier



Die collar

Taper tap (poor class of tool: overshot always preferable if available)

Spear (provides very good connection)

Bent drillpipe single

Hydraulic knuckle joint

Hydraulic wall hook

Wall hook

Washover safety joint

Washover pipe

Washover shoe

Jar, hydraulic or mechanical

Recovery of Other Fish

Disengagement Tools







Information Tools

Safety joint

Bumper safety joint

External tubing/drillpipe cutter

Internal tubing/drillpipe cutter

Jet cutter

Chemical cutter

Electric cable back-off

Impression block

Free Point Indicator

Recovery of Non-Tubular Fish

Milling/Spearing Circulating

Junk basket

Circulating junk basket (+coring)

Reverse/circulating, globe/type basket


Wireline spear

Junk sub


Fishing tools requirements

The fishing equipment that the Drilling Contractor is required to have on the drilling rig is specified in the Drilling Contract.

All equipment run in hole should have fishing equipment available at the rig site which can be mobilised without causing operational delay.

Fishing tools certifications

String and fishing component inspection requirements shall be completed before fishing commences and during protracted fishing operations. All fishing equipment shall have valid certification and inspection documentation.

Fishing tools recommendations

It is recommended that the following fishing equipment be made available at the well site:

  • Overshots and oversized guides, complete with baskets grapples and mill control and MC packer or pack off to catch all sizes of tools in hole.
  • Fishing bumper sub (18in stroke) matching with drill collar string in use.
  • Hydraulic jar with matching accelerator for the drill collar string in use.
  • Surface jar (intensive) with matching drillpipe connections.
  • Coring basket.
  • Junk sub with the same or larger OD as the drill collar strings.
  • Lead impression blocks for the various hole sizes.
  • Flat mills for all hole sizes.


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