Fishing with Spears


Recommendations to be used when fishing with a spear:

  • Spears shall be dressed with a pack-off rubber to circulate when required. A stop ring or stop sub shall be used to prevent the spear from entering too deeply into the fish, to provide the ability to re-set the jars, and to enable easier release of the tool.
  • Be aware the shoulder has the potential to lock up the slips as the shoulder prevents down movement to release slips. Cocking a jar with a spear without shoulder can be done by holding moderate circulation pressure.
  • Before commencing the operation to release the spear, the fishing string shall be bumped down. After the hold on the fish is broken, rotate to the right while pulling the string and the left hand wicker on the spear slips or grapple will then screw the tool off the fish.
  • When smaller spears are used, a circulation sub shall be installed in the fishing assembly.

Generic Procedures

To Engage and Pull the Fish

1. Circulate with the spear 3 - 6 ft above the top of the fish. Once clean, cut the pump back (Stop pump if pack-off is installed) and lower the spear into the fish.

2. Rotate the string to turn the tool one half to one full rotation to the left to set the spear. Left hand rotation turns the mandrel of the tool through the grapple setting it in its engaging position.

3. The fish can now be pulled as this will wedge the grapple into a positive engagement on the fish.

To Release from the Fish

1. Bump down (maximum allowable) weight of the fishing string. This breaks engagement. Rotate two or three turns to the right and pick up the string until the spear is clear of the fish.

2. Right hand rotation moves the mandrel up through the grapple, forcing the grapple down against the release ring and puts the spear in the release position.

3. If the spear does not release, bump down while simultaneously rotating to the right and picking up the string until the spear is clear of the fish.

4. If the spear still does not come free, use of the surface jar shall be considered depending on the depth of the top of fish.


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