Lost Sidewall Sample Bullets


In case of lost Sidewall Sample Bullets, the following guidelines should be considered ...

  • If bullets are lost in the hole, run in with a rockbit (without nozzles) and junk sub, and rotate and circulate along the sections where the bullets were lost in an attempt to dislodge them from the wall of the hole. 
  • Tag bottom lightly while rotating slowly then circulate and fish for junk by stopping and starting the pump to allow junk to fall into the junk sub. Drill a few feet and repeat the fishing process. If this procedure fails to pick up all the junk, pull out of hole. If the junk sub is full then empty it and run back in for further fishing. If the junk sub is not full and there are indications of further junk on bottom, pick up a reverse circulating junk basket, run in, and fish again.
  • When bullets are lost in the hole and further logging is required at or below where the bullets are lost a checkĀ­trip is necessary. If casing is to be run then drilling out and fishing for the bullets shall be carried out on the checktrip prior to running casing, unless hole conditions are such that this procedure could jeopardise running the casing.




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