10. HSE policy guidelines


HSE logoIt is the Company's policy to conduct their activities in such a way as to take foremost account of the health and safety of their employees and of other persons, and to give proper regard to the conservation of the environment. In implementing this policy Company not only comply with the requirements of the relevant legislation but promote in an appropriate manner measures for the protection of health, safety and the environment for all who may be affected directly or indirectly by their activities.

In following this policy they:

1.Recognise the importance of the on-going involvement and commitment of management and other employees and the necessity of ensuring that they have the required skills and support;

2.Seek to conduct all their activities in such a way as to avoid harm to the health of, or injury to, employees and others and damage to property;

3.Work on the principle that all injuries should be prevented, and promote actively amongst all those associated with their activities the high standards of safety consciousness and discipline that this principle demands;

4.Use their best endeavours to provide products, together with practical advice on their application, which will not cause injury to health or undue impact on the environment when they are used in accordance with this advice;

5.Apply the best practicable means to preserve air, water, soil and plant and animal life from adverse effects on their operations and to minimise any nuisance that may arise;

6.Use their best endeavours to ensure that contractors working on their behalf apply health, safety and environmental standards fully compatible with their own;

7.Keep their employees, contractors, and the relevant authorities appropriately informed of known potential hazards that might affect them; and make them aware of what is being done to minimise the risk and to improve the quality and safety of the working environment;

8.Establish and maintain contingency procedures to minimise harm from accidents that may nevertheless occur, and work with the relevant authorities and emergency services in an appropriate manner in the development and application of these contingency procedures;

9.Include an assessment of health, safety and environmental matters in the factors to be taken into consideration before entering into new ventures or activities or acquiring companies;

10.Work with governments, local authorities, industry, academic and professional bodies and employees or their representatives as appropriate and take the initiative, where necessary, to promote workable and improved codes of practice and timely and practical regulations which relate to the above matters;

11.Conduct or support research directed towards the improvement of safety and health at work, towards ensuring the safety of their products and towards the conservation of the environment;

12.Facilitate the transfer to others, freely or on a commercial basis, of know-how developed in these fields;

13.Include expected future requirements and anticipated developments in all the above areas in their long-term planning.

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