Stuck Wireline Logging Tools


Stuck logging tools are one of the non-productive time incidents experienced in well operations. Before logging, the Drilling Supervisor shall verify that the hole is in good condition and the well is not live. He shall also record the logging weak-point tension, cable tension limit and tool weight in mud. The Logging Contractor's stretch chart shall be available to verify the pull.


The following procedures define the immediate action which shall be taken once a logging tool becomes stuck.



…the tool is stuck on bottom

…Close the tool and pull to maximum safe tension to keep the weak point intact.

…the tool sticks during logging upwards

…Close the tool and attempt to go down. If free to descend, make several attempts to pass the bridge. If not free to descend, ensure all personnel are clear and pull to maximum safe tension to keep weak-point intact.

…tension meter is installed on top of the tool and does not register any overpull

…the cable is stuck. make a stuck point estimation by stretch measurement. Pull up to cable tension limit slowly, checking for any response on the cable head tension meter.

…the tool still does not come free

…Consult Logging Contractor and Head of Operations with regard to further possible attempts to work the tool. Consideration should be given to ‘stripping over’.

Note: Cable logging to be conducted with tested shooting nipple and circulating sub

Logging contractor to have fishing tools for contractor equipment on site

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