Fishing Equipment Required for Wireline Logging


319 fishing wireline toolsThe required equipment (Logging Contractor Fishing Kit) for both Cut and Thread and Reverse Cut and Thread methods are:

  •  Bowen overshot kit series 105 (H-131931) with a multiple choice of grapples and guides
  • cable hanger kit (H-133930) with different sizes and weights of sinkerbars and at least two cable hangers.
  • Rope socket kit (H-133929)
  • subs of 4.1/2in API IF for top end of the Overshot Top sub (B-20913) and both ends of the circulating sub (B-20914).
  • remote tension meter
  • Intercom set
  • deployment bars
  • 5 ft pup joint of sucker rod if the cable cut was made to low
  • 300 ft of 1/4in rope to control the end of the cable going over the top sheave
  • 100 ft of 1/2in rope to hold the lower sheave straight.

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