Radioactive Sources and Explosives


This article describe the requirements for radioactive sources and explosives (permit to work, transporation, handling and storage).

1. Radioactive Sources

Permit to Work

All operations involving the use of radioactive sources must be performed under the Permit to Work system.


The radioactive sources must be stored in clearly marked approved storage containers (locked and keys with Drilling Supervisor) on each rig inside their appropriate shields. The storage containers must be fixed by welding, bolting or chains and must be located as far as is practical from regularly occupied working areas. The gamma radiation level at the surface of the container must be no more than 7.5 u Sv per hour. The 7.5 - 2.5 u Sv/hr area around the container shall be marked a “no-stay area”. Barrier stands/signs shall be erected to mark the extent of the controlled area.


Sources must be transported in the special storage boxes under police escort. Transportation shall be limited as much as possible. A controlled area shall be established on the transport vessel or vehicle.


The Logging Engineer, or his designated operator under the Company written instruction, are the only persons permitted to handle radioactive sources at all times. The drilling crew are not permitted to help during this operation. Sources should be returned to the storage container immediately after use.

2. Explosives

Permit to Work

All operations involving the use of explosives must be performed under the Permit to Work system.


There must be two clearly labelled storage boxes available for primary and secondary explosives respectively. Explosives should only be taken outor transported immediately before use. Explosives storage boxes should be placed on jettison platforms offshore or at easy dump positions.


The Logging Engineer is the only person who is allowed to arm or disarm any tool using explosives. The red “safety key” must be removed from the logging cab before any arming or disarming operation. The only people permitted on the drill floor when explosive tools are on surface are the Logging Crew, Drilling Supervisor and the Driller. Radio silence is to be maintained during arming/disarming the tools and when tools are less than 500’ from surface in hole.



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Hi, in an offshore Rig can we place explosives and Radioactive close to each other . Kindly advice