Organisation and Responsibilities during Wireline Operations


The implementation of the wire line logging programme at the well site is carried out by specialist contractors under the supervision of the Drilling Supervisor, although these responsibilities can be delegated to the Rig Drilling Engineer or the Well Site Geologist. The responsibilities of the well site personnel are identified below.

The scope of electric wireline operations will depend on the evaluation requirements identified by the Petroleum Engineering Department and survey requirements for deviational control, which are incorporated in the drilling programme for each well.

Drilling Supervisor

The Senior Drilling Supervisor has a major responsibility for the overall safety and operation of the well site activities and liaises fully with the Well Site Drilling Engineer, Well Site Geologist (when on board) and the specialist contractors concerning any evaluation requirements or resultant data, which may influence any rig operations. This does not detract from the position of the Offshore Installation Manager; OIM, who has the ultimate responsibility on the platform.

Rig Drilling Engineer

He will assist the Senior Drilling Supervisor in the supervision of all specialist evaluation contractor(s). He is responsible for the sampling programme, the collection of data and reporting requirements. He liaises with other Company Specialists present on board and co-ordinates the reports produced by these specialists. He keeps a logbook for radioactive sources and explosives onboard.

Well Site Geologist

The Well site Geologist (if present) assists the Rig DE in the implementation and supervision of the logging programme. He advises on logging results and quality. He will select sampling points for sidewall cores, pressure readings and fluid samples.

Drilling Contractor

The Drilling Contractor shall maintain a co-operative working relationships with the Integrated Well Services Contractor which shall provide the Electric Wireline Services. The Drilling Contractor shall provide assistance in the setting up of equipment on the platform and any associated services as required. The Drilling Contractor remains responsible for well control and associated operations including the recognition of kicks and securing the well in during this and other phase of the operation.

Electric Wire-Line Logging Engineer

The Electric Wire-Line Logging Services is represented offshore by the Logging engineer and his crew, and is responsible for running all down hole electric wire-line surveys and for the maintenance of electric wire-line logging equipment, both surface and downhole. These responsibilities include rigging up this equipment as required.

If two logging crews are required on the platform, then one Logging Engineer will be nominated as being the Supervising Engineer in charge, prior to commencement of any work. The DS shall be advised accordingly.

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