Wireline Logging Fishing - Cut and Thread Procedure

Prior to any fishing operations ensure that all personnel involved are aware of their duties by means of a pre-operation safety meeting.

Dressing the Tools

Take a new grapple, grapple control and…

Acronyms logging tools - Schlumberger

Bore Hole Compensated Sonic         BHC

Bridge Plug…

Pipe Conveyed Logging (PCL) – Preparation and General Guidelines

Pipe conveyed logging (PCL) logging is performed when conventional wireline operations are not feasible, such as in high angle/horizontal wells.

 If there is doubt as to whether wireline logging…

Wireline Logging Guidelines - Quality Control

This articles describes the mains guidelines and quality checks to be performed for successful logging operations

1. Preparation prior to logging operations:

  • All wireline logging tools shall be…

Stripping Over Electric Logging Cable

The following equipment should be available for stripping over a logging cable:

  • Loggers fishing kit (to be supplied by Logging Contractor).
  • Additional tension meter with cable tension readout for the…

Wireline Logging Fishing - Reverse Cut and Thread Procedure

The Reverse Cut and Thread Method is recommended in case a logging tool containing a radioactive source is stuck and has to be fished.

After this point the procedure deviates from the Cut and Thread…

Stuck Wireline Logging Tools

Stuck logging tools are one of the non-productive time incidents experienced in well operations. Before logging, the Drilling Supervisor shall verify that the hole is in good condition and the well is…

Logging Cables and Weak Points

This article provides cable and weak strength for Schlumberger and Baker Atlas

Logging Cables And Weak Points - Schlumberger


Wireline Logging - Perforation

This article discusses perforating casing with the use of wireline for:

  • carrying out remedial casing cementing, by squeezing through perforations and
  • for monitoring of (formation) pressures behind…

Acronyms logging tools - Baker Atlas

This article describe the various acronyms for Baker Atlas logging tools.

Back-off                                              …

Free Point Indication/ Backoff (FPI/ BO)

More fatalities occur during free point indication/ backoff than during any other wire-line operation except perforating.

In Free Point Indication/ Backoff  (FPI/ BO) operations, the…

Radioactive Sources and Explosives

This article describe the requirements for radioactive sources and explosives (permit to work, transporation, handling and storage).

1. Radioactive Sources

Permit to Work

All operations involving the…

Basics of Electric Wireline Logging

Electric wire-line logging may be subdivided into four distinct services:

1   Open hole logging.

2   Perforating and completion logging.

3  Production logging.

4  …

Fishing Equipment Required for Wireline Logging

Fishing Equipment Required for Wireline Logging

The required equipment (Logging Contractor Fishing Kit) for both Cut and Thread and Reverse Cut and Thread methods are:

  •  Bowen overshot kit series 105 (H-131931) with a multiple choice of…

Organisation and Responsibilities during Wireline Operations

The implementation of the wire line logging programme at the well site is carried out by specialist contractors under the supervision of the Drilling Supervisor, although these responsibilities can be…

Fishing Wireline with Radioactive Sources

If a radioactive logging tool sticks in the hole, the following guidelines must be adhered to:

  • Do not continue work the tool because this may result in accidentally breaking the weak link.
  • The…