Pre-Spud Meeting on Site


The Superintendent or Senior Operations Engineer shall conduct a pre-spud meeting on the rig with all relevant personnel directly or indirectly involved with the operations.

The appropriate Drilling Supervisor and Operations Engineer shall also attend. A list of attendees shall be taken and recorded with the minutes.


At the pre-spud meeting, held in the office, the proposed Drilling Programme has already been discussed in detail with the Drilling Contractor and all key contractors.

However, rig specific details should be discussed, including the following topics along with any well or rig specified hazards identified when planning the well:

  • Identify special procedures and anticipated problems/hazards and their possible solutions
  • Lines of responsibility and communication (telephone communication)
  • Communication system to and from rig
  • General safety and personal safety requirements for all personnel
  • Diverter drilling (offshore only), BOP drills and well control procedures
  • Requirement to conduct safety and operations meeting with all personnel before all operations
  • Drilling Programme, general details (abnormal points to be highlighted)
  • Procedures and responsibilities relating to shallow gas (offshore only, if applicable) especially for monitoring the shallow gas during top hole drilling
  • Emergency rig move procedures (offshore only)
  • Pro-active approach to equipment checks detailing any special items. (Location preparation, roads and concrete base for onshore operations.)
  • Timing for BOP testing as per API ie., weekly or every two weeks.


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