Depth Referencing

Depth Referencing

This article describes the various depth references used for drilling onshore and offshore wells: Reference Datum, Chart Datum (CD), Mean Sea Level (MSL), High Tide (HT), Low Tide (LT), Water Level…

Sequence of Operations - Typical Offshore Well


General Practices

1.  Conductors at jacket level

  Ensure cap…

Final / End of Well Report

General information

Well and rig summary information plus the date that the well was spudded and abandoned / suspended / handed over to Production.

Well schematic showing final well status.

Time vs…

Drillpipe and Bottom Hole Assembly - Standards

This article describes the standards for Drillpipe and Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA).

Pipe Tally Requirements

Master Drillpipe Tally Book

  • The master drill pipe tally book shall be kept by the Driller in…

Drilling Standards

This article describes the basic Drilling Standards.

The Drilling Department shall deliver a ‘fit for purpose’ wellbore, the criteria of which are:

  • attainment of the required bottom hole position
  • meet…

Drilling Programme - Preparation and Content

Responsibilities for preparation, approval and content of the drilling programme.

Drilling Programmes are the approved instructions for carrying out activities and tasks which are required to achieve…

Sequence of Operations - Typical Onshore Well

This article describes the sequence of operations and the general practices for a typical onshore well.


General Practices

1.  Prepare access road and well lease


Responsibilities during drilling operations

Responsibilities during drilling operations (drilling supervisor, drilling contractor, toolpusher, driller, drilling superintendent).

Drilling Supervisor

The Drilling Supervisor shall provide prior to…

Well Planning Information Sheet

Well Planning Information Sheet, Well Datasheet, Well Design Information. This is the list of information required by the drilling department to plan and design a well.