Total Flow Area Calculation


This drilling software/ spreadsheet calculates the total flow area for a selection of up to 11 nozzle sizes.

Download: 646 - Total Flow Area - TFA - Calculation DD.xls

646 - Total Flow Area Calculation


#2 Mary Cult 2013-12-22 22:04
The selection of the TFA is part of the hydraulic optimization process. It will depend on the formation, the type of bit, the BHA and the available surface pressure. Basically, first you need to make sure you have enough flow for hole cleaning. This will give you the minimum TFA. A "low" TFA will give you a high jet impact force which can be an advantage depending on the bit an the formation drilled. If you have low TFA, you will use a lot of pressure and you may not be able to get the Motor working best. It is a compromise.
#1 louis 2013-12-22 20:45
Can a high tfa slow drilling rate down?