Mud Gradient - Mud Testing


Mud weight is of the utmost importance to the safety of the drilling operation. The mud gradient must be controlled at the programmed value or at the value determined by the Drilling Supervisor, to ensure integrity of the hole and safety of personnel on board the rig.


Normal Bariod mud balance shall be used on the mud pits and weight recorded every 15 minutes.

A pressurised mud balance shall be used twice a day in addition to the normal Bariod mud balance.


The mud engineer shall calibrate equipment every day with fresh water.

Gradient of freshwater is 8.34 ppg.

Calibration procedures should be available in the mud engineer's cabin.


Report in units of ppg to the nearest 0.1 ppg. or in sg to the nearest 0.01 sg

Sources of Error

Ensure that all air is removed from sample.

Ensure that the mud balance is absolutely clean and dry.

Ensure mud is expelled from the vent hole when fitting lid to ensure a properly filled chamber.


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