API Fluid Loss - Water Based Mud Testing


API filter pressThe API fluid loss test is used only with Water Based Muds. The test is used to determine the static filtration characteristics of the mud and the need for treatment with fluid loss additives.

Fluid loss must be maintained within the programmed specification to limit potential for differential sticking and formation damage in the reservoir.

Filter cake thickness is also measured and must never exceed 2 mm.

Filtrate collected during the course of this test is used for subsequent chemical analysis.


API Filter Press.

374 API Filter Press 2374 API filter press





Filtrate Volume (collected in 30 mins at 100 psi pressure)

ml / 30 minutes

± 0.1

Filter Cake Thickness


± 1

Sources of Error

Ensure that the test pressure remains constant throughout the 30 minute test period.

Replace leaking gaskets and seals.

Ensure cell and measuring cylinder are dry before beginning the test.

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