Drilling Fluids: Monitoring and Reporting


1. Responsibilities for Routine Monitoring of the Drilling Fluid

The Toolpusher shall ensure that a suitably trained crew member is in attendance at the shale shaker and active pit at all times while circulating.

The Drilling Supervisor shall determine and inform the Mud Engineer and Drilling Contractor of the required mud gradient to ensure the safety of personnel and integrity of the wellbore. If any departure from the mud gradient specification is detected the Mud Engineer or Drilling Contractor shall immediately inform the Drilling Supervisor.

The Drilling Supervisor shall regularly verify that accurate records are being kept and inform base as required.


The mud gradient and funnel viscosity of the mud should be measured and recorded according to test guidelines. Both tests shall be carried out on samples taken from the flowline and the suction pit every 30 minutes or more frequently as determined by the Drilling Supervisor. These values are to announced on the intercom.

The designated person shall record all test results and pit levels in a book laid out as shown follows. The book shall be kept in a convenient place for ease of inspection by supervisory personnel.


Mud Gradient

Funnel Viscosity

Pit 1

Pit 2

Pit 3







Level bbl

Level bbl

Level bbl






































2. Drilling Fluids Reporting

The regular on site mud tests shall be performed by the Mud Engineer to API RP.13B.

The Mud Engineer shall perform a full water based mud check at least three times daily during drilling operations and record the results on the Daily Mud Report Form. Additional testing or the testing frequency may be varied at the discretion of the Drilling Supervisor according to the situation.

Additional reporting relating to the management of the drilling fluids and chemical usage shall be performed by the Mud Engineer on a daily and per well basis. Copies of all reports shall be presented to the Drilling Supervisor and also send to base.

Losses Reporting

The following measurements shall be recorded:

  • WBM surface waste (bbls) and the volume of formation drilled (m3) are reported on a daily basis by the wellsite Mud Engineer.
  • WBM waste is split into volume of waste dumped and volume of waste lost over the solids control equipment.
  • WBM downhole losses are reported in bbls per day on a daily basis by the Mud Engineer and are included by the Drilling Supervisor in his daily report.




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