Selection guidelines for wellhead equipment

Selection guidelines for wellhead equipment

This article describe the design and selection criteria necessary in the construction of safe and cost effective Wellheads and Christmas trees.

Standardized wellhead design

The objective of…

Christmas tree design

This article describes the preferred approach to various aspects of Christmas tree design, with regard to pressures, types of well, equipment, experience, operability and safety. All wellhead valves…

Wellhead Chokes

The designer must ensure that there is critical flow through the choke in order to eliminate the effects of downstream pressure variations on the formation. This is achieved when the FTHP is…

Pressure Testing Wellheads

Examples of programs for Pressure Testing Wellheads.

1. Onshore

20in Casing

After installing the 20in casing and 20.3/4in -3 000 psi CHH, pressure test CHH and BOP’s to 500 psi against the bag type…

Wellhead Specifications, Operating Perating Envelope & Philosophy

This article describes the wellhead technical specifications, Operating Envelope  and Operating Philosophy.

The operating envelope

When defining the type of equipment and service for a project…

Equalisation of christmas trees

In the design process for all wells, consideration should be given to the repressurisation of the Christmas tree after it has been closed in. Several approaches may be taken depending on the…

Wellhead Procurement Strategy

This article describes the key items to address to develop a Wellhead Procurement Strategy.

Vendor selection

To qualify as an acceptable equipment supplier of Wellheads and Christmas trees, the…

Wellhead Valves Design

When specifying or designing valves, reference should be made to the information contained in the Operating Envelope for that particular well.

All valves purchased by must at least meet the standards…

Wellhead selection guidelines summary

The wellhead is simply a crossover between the various casings and the Christmas tree or -temporarily - the BOP.

Unitized wellheads

The evolution from spool type wellheads to compact, or uniheads has…