Sub-surface safety valves (SSSV)

Sub-surface safety valves (SSSV)

Subsurface safety valves (SSSVs) are installed in the wellbore of hydrocarbon producing wells to shut off the production flow to the surface in case of an emergency. The importance of the correct…

Completion operations - Setting packers

Completion operations - Setting packers

Whatever type of packer is installed, the manufacturer's instruction for setting and the completion programme on setting depth and running must be followed if satisfactory results are to be obtained.…

Packer Setting Mechanism

Packer Setting Mechanism

The following 5 Packer setting mechanisms are discussed in this article:

  1. Compression set anchor packer
  2. Mechanically set compression packers
  3. Mechanically set tension packer
  4. Hydraulic set…

Completion Operations - Perforating

Perforating is a service provided by specialist companies, however, it is common for Production Operations to be involved in the operation to facilitate well production after perforation in completed…

Completion Operations - Gravel Packing Procedures

Perforation prepacking refers to the methods that can be used to pack the perforation tunnels with gravel prior to filling the screen/casing annulus. The main objective of prepacking is to maximise…

Tubing running and testing

The following installation considerations apply to all threaded connections if mishaps are to be avoided:

  • drift check and inspect connections before running;
  • properly apply correct thread dope;
  • backout…

Procedures for Completion Assembly Preparation

This procedure identifies the assembly and test method for all completion sub assemblies.

All assembly and testing shall be performed by persons, who have, as a minimum, undergone indoctrination and…

Xmas tree installation

this article presents the main operational and safety precautions to be taken when installing a xmas tree.

1. General Precautions

There are many methods of landing the tubing and leading control…

Causes of Packer seal failure

Causes of Packer seal failure

The article identifies the most common factors which can play a role in premature failures of packer seals:

1. Installation procedures

  • Storage damage: ageing (heat, sunlight or radiation); distortion…

Responsibilities during Completion Operations

It is advised that onshore meetings will be held between equipment vendor, Company, wireline contractor and drilling contractor at least 6 weeks prior to the start of operations.


Preparation for running tubing

Proper preparation of tubing before running serves two purposes. Firstly to ensure that the pipe body and threads are adequately protected from possible damage when being moved to the drill floor.…