Safety Valves

The purpose of the Safety valves is to protect people, environment and property from uncontrolled production.

  • SSV: Surface Safety Valves: an automatic fail-safe closed valve fitted at the wellhead.
  • SSSV:…

Tubing and Casing Connections

This article descirbes the Tubing and Casing Connections Functional and Operational requirements.

Functional requirements:

- strength -sealing properties, -resistance to damage, corrosion or erosion.…

Christmas Tree (xmas tree) Design

The Christmas tree is the cross-over between the wellhead casing and the flowline. The wellhead is the cross-over between the Christmas tree and the various casings.

  • controls the wellhead pressure…

Seal Assemblies (Locator, Anchor, Latch)

Seal Assemblies (Locator, Anchor, Latch)

Used with permanent type packers to provide isolation between the producing zone and the annular space above the packer when the tubing is located into the packer.

The seal assemblies are designed…

Completion Design – Artificial Lift

Early planning of artificial lift is essential for long-term profitability of the wells. Decisions on the artificial lift method to be used may not be available at the field development planning…

Packer Accessories and tailpipe assembly

The Purpose of the Packer Accessories and tailpipe assembly is described in this article.

  1. the ability to isolate the well below the packer;
  2. the ability to land off downhole pressure and temperature…

Completion Packers

Completion Packers

This article describe the completion packer selection, specifications, classification, setting mechanism, etc.

Packer selection/specification


Completion design considerations

This article describes the Completion design considerations.

Reservoir considerations

Reservoir drive mechanism may determine whether or not the completion interval will have to be adjusted as gas-oil…

Completion Tubing - Material Selection

Material selection is determined by the abrasion and corrosion properties of the fluid, the pressures and the mechanical and hydraulic loadings on the completion string under operating conditions,…

Completion Seals

This article describe the categories and types of seals used for completion equipment.

2 categories of seals:

  • static seals where the sealing surfaces do not move relative to one another,
  • dynamic…

Valve Design

Valve Design

When specifying or designing valves, reference should be made to the Operating parameters for that particular well. All valves purchased must at least meet the standards set in API 6A PSL 1, 2, 3 or 4…