External Casing Packers

This article describe the basics of external casing packers and the setting procedure.

325 - external casing packerBasics of Operation

ECP’s are inflation tools with expansion and sealing capabilities allowing a flexible elastomer element to pack off the annular space between casing or between casing and open hole. When inflated with either mud, cement or viscous fluid, the element conforms to virtually any irregularity making these packers ideal for open hole applications. The length of the elastomer element can be manufactured to suit different applications (it is common to specify a 4-5 ft long sealing element). The shear pin for the ECP is designed to be compatible with other accessories.

Setting the ECP

The ECP is set by simply pressuring up the casing/liner in stages to a pressure pre-determined by the shear pins (normally ca +/- 1 800 psi). Mud is then allowed to inflate the element through and inflation valve. When the pressure is bled off below +/- 800 psi  the valve shuts and the pressure is trapped inside the inflated element. Pressure can then be bled off to zero to finally seal in the pressure. The casing can then be pressured up further without re-opening the inflation valve. (Refer to Drilling Programme and Manufacturer’s recommended operating procedures for details).


- Plastic plugs inside packers to be removed before the job

- ECP to be handled with 5ft pups.


#1 Elrashid Hassan 2016-12-13 08:26
More details and specification about annulus packer as the part of the casing to protect the open hole (basement) below the casing depth from the cement while cementing production casing.