Example 7in liner 2 stage cementing procedure

  1. Calibrate rig pumps efficiency during the conditioning trip prior to pulling out of the hole to run casing.
  2. Check and line up manifold valves so that pumping can start upon positioning liner with…

Example 4.1/2in Liner Cementing Procedure

1. RIH 4 ½” liner to shoe depth (Top of liner at RMLS window) as below

- 4 ½” smith needle nose float shoe made up with Baker Lok on one joint of 4 ½” casing
- 3 joints of 4 ½” casing as the shoe track…

General Liner Cementation Procedure

Procedure for single stage cementing operations whith an ES cementer and ECP installed:

  1. Prepare 30 bbls spacer 500 (10.5 ppg) in slug pit as per mixing procedure, while circulating.
  2. Set the hanger as…