Casing Make-Up Torque


593 casing mu torqueDue to potential frequent changes to casing specification, casing make-up torque and drift dimensions shall be as per the manufacturer's recommendations.          

Buttress Thread Casing Connections

9.5/8 - 13.3/8 OD Casing (BTC)

Make-up torque valves of buttress thread casing connections sizes 9.5/8in to 13.3/8in OD shall be determined by carefully noting the torque required to make up each of several connections to the base of the triangle. Provided the position falls within
- 0.2in and + 0.375in of the base, the power tight make-up is acceptable. The average torque value established shall be used to make up the balance of the pipe of that particular weight and grade in the string.

16in, 18.5/8in and 20 in BTC Round Thread

Make-up of 16in, 18.5/8in and 20in OD shall be to a position on each connection represented by the thread vanish point on 8-round thread and the base of the triangle on buttress thread using the minimum torque shown in the following table as a guide. Provided the position falls within - 0.2in and + 0.375in of the base, the power tight make-up is acceptable. Care must be taken to avoid cross threading in starting these larger connections. The tongs selected shall be capable of attaining high torque for the entire run. It can be anticipated that maximum make-up and break out torque values may be 50-80 % higher than the minimum experienced in make-up to the recommended position.

Make-up torque values are based on API modified thread lubricant with friction correction factor = 1.

All connections are of regular coupling/upset type unless otherwise specified

Size (OD)

Weight (ppf)


Make-Up torque (ft. lbs)









N-80 BTC

3 890

5 190

6 490



N-80 BTC

4 480

5 970

7 460



N-80 BTC

6 190

8 250

10 310



N-80 BTC

6 790

9 050

11 310



K-55 BTC

4 750

6 330

7 910



K-55 BTC

5 390

7 180

8 980



N-80 BTC

7 800

10 400

13 000



K-55 BTC

9 550








Note: The torque values shown above are values experienced in practice. However, the actual torque value to be used for Buttress Thread shall be determined as previously described.

Tenaris Tubular Running Manual (pdf documents)

General Guidelines

Pipe and Connection Intendification

Handling and Care of Pipe and Connection

Chrome Tubing Guidelines

Running and Thread Lock Compound Application

Make-up Acceptance Criteria




#3 Guy Robson 2017-02-23 13:01
Trying to find Torque for 7'' Casing Teranis Blue Chrome 32ppf, T95
#2 David Blake 2015-09-03 19:18
There are no numbers given out to torque any buttress pipe.
Find the triangle bury the pin to the base of said triangle a few
Times while watching your torque gauge... Then keep running
with the number you have averaged. Hope that helps.
#1 derek 2014-12-16 00:21
I'm tring to find torques for well casing that I've never heard of. It's BTL 7 inch p-110. 29 pound. Please help