Running Casing with Weatherford Overdrive system - Best Practices


Rig up checklist

  • Rig down the rig elevator and bails, make sure the iron roughneck has been laid out
  • Remove the saver sub using the pipe handler of the top drive (rig procedure). Check the make-up torque setting of the pipe handler prior to removing the saver sub. Verify that the pipe handler stays inline with the top drive main shaft.
  • Ensure that the top drive shaft is aligned with the rotary table centre. Ensure that the pipe handler is dressed correctly to grip the top connection of the OverDrive.
  • Lift the JAM equipment to the rig floor. Rig up the JAM equipment simultaneously with the OverDrive tool.
  • Bring the service loop container including the control panel and all of the additional service equipment to the rig floor. Install horseshoe bracket onto the service loop and lift into the derrick approx. 15m with a safety sling between the horseshoe bracket and the derrick.
  • Prepare lifting equipment for OverDrive tool. Use 2 soft slings or cables with 9 ton capacity each sling (6 – 8m length).
  • Install lifting cap into top connection of OverDrive. Tighten one sling around the top of OverDrive tool. Secure the slings against sliding and lift the OverDrive tool to the rig floor
  • Connect lifting slings from top drive to lifting cap or connect drill pipe elevator to lifting sub. Transfer OverDrive tool from horizontal to Vertical using top drive and crane.
  • Remove rotary cover and bottom sling and lower OverDrive into rotary. Disconnect lifting slings/drill pipe elevator, remove lifting cap/lifting sub. Check the alignment of the pipe handler to the top drive shaft.
  • Lowering top drive, slowly spin in connection while making up to OverDrive actuator. For safety, use paint marker to place a vertical line across all connections in the load path for visual reference.
  • Install the link tilt bail arm extension and the single joint elevator. Made up fill up tool 1000ft*lbs and install mud saver valve to the fill up tool.
  • Install FMS into the rotary and check all equipment
  • Pick-up a joint of casing and set into the slips, pick-up second joint and set into the first joint
  • Calibrate the JAM system connected to the top drive against JAM system connected to a manual back up tong and TorqSub.
  • Casing tongs keep as a back-up.

Running checklist

  • Check casing hanger made up to full length casing joint to facilitate easier handling.
  • Check correct length dedicated landing joint (buttress box top conn.) to screw directly into cement head.
  • Check cement head set up for buttress thread.
  • Casing pup joints need to be a minimum of 3m in length for the Overdrive system.
  • Check spares for pick up/lay down machine. Hydraulic hoses, crimping machine etc.
  • Check auxiliary equipment for pick up/lay down machine e.g. correct hooks for casing size and extensions for short tubulars.
  • No need to have the back up casing tong on the rig floor (free space).
  • Mobile telephone signals can cause interference with the JAM unit – ensure mobile telephones are not present on the rig floor.
  • The OverDrive system must be laid down and 500T elevators installed prior to making up cement head. This will allow casing to be landed whilst maintaining pressure if floats fail.


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