Mandrel Casing Hangers


This article describes the mandrel casing hanger make-up and running proedures.

Mandrel Casing Hanger Make-up

The “total” hanger will consist of:

  • bottom pupjoint
  • MCH (Mandrel Casing Hanger)
  • top pupjoint.

The bottom pupjoint has to be made-up on the MCH by the bucking machine to the optimum torque.

The top pupjoint should be made up to half the optimum make-up torque to enable to back out the pupjoint easily.

The 5ft top pupjoint is only installed as a handling joint for transportation and for handling the hanger on the rig floor.

Make-Up Procedure

1. BACK OFF the collar of the bottom pupjoint.

2. CLEAN threads of both pupjoint pins and MCH box thoroughly.

3. MAKE UP the pupjoints to the MCH to the appropriate torques.

4. INSTALL casing thread protectors.

Make-Up Torques

Bottom Pupjoint Make-Up Torque

13.3/8in           BTC                 between base and middle of diamond (triangle)

9.5/8in             BTC                 between base and middle of diamond (triangle)

7in                   BTC                 between base and middle of diamond (triangle)


Top Pupjoint Make-Up Torque

13.3/8in           BTC                 top of diamond (triangle)

9.5/8in             BTC                 top of diamond (triangle)

7in                   BTC                 top of diamond (triangle)

Mandrel Casing Hangers Preparation Procedure


1. DRIFT BOP’s, risers, bell nipple etc. with a drift having at least the same OD as the MCH prior to run the casing.

2. INSTALL 2 x 2in minimum  return lines from the side outlet valves of the wellhead to the flowline during the drilling phase.

3. ENSURE both return lines are open.

Mandrel Casing Hanger Running Procedure

1. RUN casing as per Programme.

2. INSTALL the pre-made-up MCH c/wthe casing handling pupjoint.

3. LOWER the casing string till the MCH is just above casing slips or spider.

4. REMOVE the casing handling pupjoint.

5. NSTALL a full casing joint and MAKE IT UP to half optimum make-up torque.

6. LOWER and LAND the MCH into the wellhead. NEVER PULL the MCH back once it has been landed into the wellhead. It will eject the seals out of the mandrel grooves.

7. PRESSURE TEST the MCH briefly to 500 psi by closing the bag type preventer and having the side outlet valves of the annulus open to the flowline.

8. START circulating slowly to confirm again that both return lines are open. INCREASE circulation and MONITOR for losses.

9. CEMENT casing as per Programme



  • Paint the actual make-up torques on the applicable pupjoints.
  • Only put the hydraulic tong on the tonguing neck of the mandrel casing hanger.
  • Do not remove and damage the seals.
  • Protect the seals by grease, fibre, tape or equivalent.

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