Best Practices - Drilling 26" section

26” Section - Preparation

In addition to the items specified in the pre-spud section, the following preparation and checks will be performed:

  • Pre-cut conductor from ground level. Keep attached in 4…

26” Section - Cementing – Checklist.

Preparation Checklist

  • Ensure the Cement Program has been received. Calculations of cement quantities and volumes should be checked by both the Drilling Supervisor and the cementing operator. Compare…

20” Casing Operations Checklist

  • Ensure a circulating swedge is available for washing down the hole.

  • Ensure the casing tongue HT100 are on the floor together with the correct size jaws.
  • The stab-in shoe should have been installed…

Checklist: Drilling 26" hole section

Checklist: Drilling 26

  • Riser centered, secure and flow line leak free
  • 26” bit, nozzles & tool on location
  • Stabilizers, x/o’s, drill collars strapped, ready
  • Totco ring inserted
  • Shock sub made ready
  • Ultra…